Attempted to install patches on OES - Linux SP2 cluster.

Since, I am unable to do a rug blast since some patches will modify the Linux kernel version, I'm looking at installing patches individually.

So, these are the two patches that I started with today. Prior patches to these are up-to-date. Kernel did have to roll back to 3.08 due to EMC Powerpath requirements.

Installed these patches:
12192 - security update for vsftpd
12195 - Recommended update for Novell Cluster services

Then rebooted server just to make sure things were still working.

Found cluster services not working, so saw there was a later NCS patch.

installed patch:
12266 - Recommended update for Novell Cluster services.

Again, Novell cluster services is not appearing to even start.

Went to look at admin/Novell/NCS directory(path?) and it is empty.
Other cluster servers have this directory and have files in them.

Can anyone give me any clue on where I should start with fixing this?

Any tids or documentation I should start with is also greatly appreciate.