I think I must be missing something here.

I have setup a test lan (ESX3i server) with:

1 - SLES10 + OES2 SP1 + eDirectory + iPrint

2 - Win2k3 Domain controller with DNS + DHCP + a domain

3 - 2 test WinXP SP2 workstations added to the domain

4 - 1 Management WinXP SP3 workstation added to the domain, but logged
into as local administrator.

Using the Managment workstation I can use iManager to browse the tree,
create a Driver store and a Print Server, but cannot load up any drivers
to the driver store.

The workstation has had iPrint client 5.12, which was then uninstalled
after reading a few previous threads and replaced with v 4.38.

Still get the same error which is a dialogue box that states "The novell
iPrint client must be installed in order to add a resource to the driver
store through Novell iManager. Version 4.15 or newer is required....."

Any ideas people?