Looking for some advice/ideas on how to transfer 3.5TB of user's data from a
NetApp filer to a CoRAID (AOE) storage device. The environment consists of
the following:

1. NetWare 6.5 sp7 - this is currently running directly on a physical host
but will be converted to a vm running on ESX 3.5u4.

2. Qlogic Fibrechannel HBA in both the current NetWare physical host and the
ESX host. This gives access to the NetApp filer where the 4TB of user data
is stored.

3. CoRAID AOE HBA (10GbE) installed in the ESX host which gives access to
the CoRAID storage shelf. The shelf is populated with 24 WD RE3 1TB drives.
I will configure 16 of the drives into 4 RAID10 sets of 2TB each. This will
allow me to expand the users' volume to the 8TB maximum that NSS permits.
These LUNs will be presented to the NetWare guest vm as raw device mapped

4. This data volume is a single pool with one volume that spans 5 disk
partitions/segments, no segment is larger than 1.5TB.

So the question is, how would you move this pool from the NetApp SAN to the

I've looked at Portlock Storage Manager, but it does not handle multi-
segment to multi-segment moves.

Other options that I am aware of, but lack experience in, are :

1.1 Can this move/copy a pool/volume from within a server?
1.2 And keep the pool/volume name the same on destination as it is on the
source - if not I could use PSM to change the New_Pool name to the
Old_Pool name so I wouldn't have to muck about with eDir objects
loosing/changing their references.

2. DST.
2.1 This looks like an elegant solution, but it requires that I migrate
to OES/Linux and I am still somewhat leery of NSS on Linux - based on
issues being reported in the forums and the fact that it is in some
respects still a v1.0 product, eg AFP support.

Well there you have it; I hope that this makes some sense and that you
gentle poster have some good tips/clues/warnings to share.