We are testing a new install of ZCM 10 SP2 (migrating from Zen 7) and are having an issue when trying to PXE boot to maintenance imaging mode.

When we hold Ctrl+Alt and select maintenance imaging, I can press escape and see it say "Sending DHCP request to eth0..." and it does that twice in a row, after a brief delay. Then it goes to the error screen that says "Could not find the ZENworks Installation Source. Activating manual setup program."

I tested a little bit further and used an imaging boot cd, and found that no IP is getting assigned to eth0. If I manually assigned an IP address then I can obviously do imaging. I have checked the drivers and driver modules and they are loaded properly, it just won't DHCP once it has started booting into the maintenance mode.

Any suggestions or ideas to try? If any further information is needed, please let me know, we are hoping to get this working so we can keep working on our evaluation and premigration to ZCM 10.

Josh Abts