I'm just begining to add OES-Linux servers to my ZFS 7 environment. I want to have my existing distributions now service OESL w/NSS as well as NetWare. To do so I need to use Subscriber variables to define the path the distribution with extract to. Here's one that just isn't working right.

NetWare Subscriber Variables
DataDir = WORK:\Data\
CCRISdir = 015\CCRIS\Import\

Linux Subscriber Variables
DataDir = /media/nss/WORK/Data/
CCRISdir = 015/CCRIS/Import/

Distribution "Target"

On the OES-Linux server the files extract PROPERLY to:

On the NetWare server the files extract IMPROPERLY to:

The NetWare subscriber shows that it has received the new variables properly. I haven't used a "double" variable like this before, is this the correct syntax? I suppose I can make the CCRIS variable hold the entire path but wanted to try this method first. Anyone had this problem?