We have created an offline version of a working pre-install application we are using for a lights-out rollout. The "standard" pre-install app has worked fine with no issues.

We have, however, found that the offline NAL will NOT run, if the PC it has been copied to is connected to the network. If the data cable is removed, network card disabled, or it is disconnected from talking to the network in any way, the pre-install works fine.

The NAL itself also works fine - if you log in, the NAL begins installing immediately. It's just the pre-install aspect which is not behaving the way we expect it to.

We are running ZenWorks Version

We *can* work around this by unplugging the switch that the PCs are connected to - but this is by no means a desirable solution.

What we are working towards, is installing this offline NAL on PCs at low-bandwidth sites using a NAS box connected to their switch for a local file-copy of the offline NAL. The package consists of Windows SP3 and some application updates etc. hence the requirement for a "local" file-copy for the low bandwidth sites.

It's frustrating knowing the NALs work, and the pre-install works... so long as the PC isn't network-connected...

Any suggestions on how to proceed with this ??