Hello NG,

I`m new in Novell and Bordermanager. We have a Netware 6.5 SP3 Server with
an own DNS and DHCP Server. Our situartion is, that we have our own Subnet
within a bigger net. The Netware server is our gateway to the main router
and the main router routes to the internet.
Now we want to set up Bordermanager 3.8. But How do I start? Do I have to
choose a private IP Range to be secure in our subnet and to set up the
boarder?? Or is it enough to secure the private Network Interface and
konfigure the DHCP server to use this private interface as Gateway. Do
the public interface exchange the incoming requests with the private one.
And are the Clients behind the Border secure although they are in the same
subnet as the public interface??
I hope you understand my Problemmmm

Greetz Peter