We are running the Novell Client 4.91 with SP 5 and for some test machines the latest patches. After installing the 491psp5_nwfs_4.zip patch we noticed that the ZENworks NAL is connecting to a eDir server over the WAN instead of connecting to the local eDir server which contains replicas of all our partitions. After performing a roll-back of the 491psp5_nwfs_4.zip patches this issue was solved.

Within the description of the patch it says:
New Fixes:
1. IP address costing of 1 does not connect to correct host address. (Bug 484684)

However we are using IP address costing of 2, this causing to see the local server as the one to connect to.

As I could not find a place to send this info to Novell Support, I report this issue overhere so others may be aware of this issue with the mentioned patches.