I don't know if this is a bug but:.....

ZENWorks 10 SP1.

Set up a file rights policy to grant the users rights to certain

When you define the directory to which you want to define rights, there
appears to be a problem with using a single level.

e.g. if you want to allow modify rights to the windows directory, you
cannot specify the macro '${WinDir}\' as this is not accepted. However, if
you define it as '${WinDisk}\Windows', then it is accepted. There doesn't
seem to be anything wrong with the macro '%WinDir%', because you can also
define the windows\temp directory as '${WinDir}\Temp' which is accepted.

So if you want to speficy restricted access of say 'modify' to the root of
the c: drive, then this is not possible, because neither an entry of 'C:\'
nor '${WinDisk}' is accepted. Nor can you use a single macro to specify an
single level as in '${WinSysDir}\' you always have to come back a level so
that two directories are defined.

It seems like the system requires at least two levels of structure to be
accepted, not a single level/macro.

Is this by design or is it an 'undocumented feature' ?