I can't seem to get them to work on the BM 3.8 server.

(I thought I had them all working, but just tried to access both...no

I get proxy errors when attempting to go to "https://public_ip:8008"
from inside the firewall. "503 service unavailable. the requested
method is not allowed on this scheme type".

If I try the private ip, I get the generic "this page cannot be
displayed" message from I.E.

From the console, I can open remote manager from the red "N", and the
browser opens to "public ip address/8009/". So from there, I checked
the ip addresses for the applications. Tomcat and "admin tomcat" are
loaded and listening on "". Apache2 is listening on ""
port 443, and "public ip:80". "apacheAdmin" is listening on
"public_ip:2211 and 2200". HTTPSTK is bound to "default IP" (which is
the private ip) listening on 8009, 8008, and 81.

looks like apache and tomcat are both running, as is httpstk. but it
doesn't want to let me in. do I need an access rule or something?

browser is IE6, set to use the proxy. proxy authentication through

BM3.8sp3 on nw6.5 sp2