Hi everyone,

We want to migrate to Zen10, but there is something that we do not understand. So here's our actual ways to distribute application that requires file rights on our Netware server:

A typical workstation have Windows XP, with the Application Explorer from the Zenworks 7 product. Our users logins to a netware 6.5 server, and applications are delivered by the Application Explorer. Some of theses applications have some file rights policies that allow automatically the users to have specific rights to some directories that resides on the Netware server (ex.: server\vol1\application). So this way, we are not forced to assign file rights to the directory structure. This way, by assigning the file rights on the application object by using ConsoleOne of Novell, all of the users have the correct file rights to the application.

Now, I have looked at the Zenworks 10 bundle function, and I can't see where I could assign these file rights. How can we bind our existing Netware server to a Zen10 server? I'm aware that we should migrate our existing netware servers to SUSE, so this way, could it be possible to have better file rights support?

I know that we can connect to a Ldap server but still no support for the file access, only local file access...

Or what could be the solution by using Zenworks 10?

Thank you for your support !