ZCM 10.1 on a Win2k3 server, servicing WinXPSP2 workstations.

I have done some testing using local file rights and come across the
following issue:

${windir} - fails
c:\windows - success
%windir% - fails
${%windir%} - fails

${windisk} - fails
C: - fails
${windisk}\Windows - succeeds

${programfiles} - fails
C:\Program Files - success
"C:\Program Files" - not allowed
${programfiles}\Temp - succeeds (as long as temp exists)

It appears that when you used macros, you have to have two parts to the
File/Folder path otherwise although the input is accepted, it fails at the

This means that in the exceptional circumstance that we want to allocate
rights at the root of C: or other drive, then they cannot be granted.

Is this genuinely a problem or am I missing something?