My ZLM 7.3 server is configured with two network interfaces. There is a public interface, and one that is connected to a private management network that links all of my Linux systems. There is an entry in the hosts file for each of the servers on the private network of <servername>.private.lan, and each of the servers have an entry for the ZLM server of zlm1.private.lan. I an able to ping all of the servers across the private network, and I can telnet to port 80 and 443 on the ZLM server from any of the client servers. However, I cannot register a ZLM agent against the ZLM server over the private network.

It works correctly if I point to the public DNS name.

ru sa -t zenworks https://zlm1.private.lan gives the following error:

ERROR: Could not add 'https://zlm1.private.lan': Download failed: (https://zlm1.private.lan/zenworks-re...on/service.xml) Error getting response stream (The remote server returned a 404 status code.): SecureChannelFailure

My suspicion is that it is failing because the SSL certificate matches the DNS name of the public interface, and not the private one.

If this is the case, can I force it to either ignore the SSL mismatch or somehow generate a self-signed certificate for the private name of the server as well? The public interface only has the self-signed one generated at install time.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Allen Beddingfield