We have Bm7 sp3 and field sp4. Running on a 5.1 server. I'm having
troubles getting clntrust to work out of the container login script. It
had been working fine but we moved the clntrust to a new server. Running
these commands in my script

Works on XP computers. Win98 client 3.4 will hang.

Map root J:=abc_fs1_sys:\public

Win 98 still hangs.

Set up a batch file clntrust.bat containing the commands.
Works on XP and 98 but on 98 have to manually close the dos window.

Have tried the latest clntrust and older versions seem to work better.

XP client is latest with uptodate patches.

Have yet to apply latest patch to 98 client.

I know I'm doing something dumb but I don't know what. Appreciate any