We are just now looking at bringing up a ZCM10 environment to migrate from our existing Zenworks7 environemnt. We use Zenworks7 Desktop management for imaging, app distribution, policies, DLU, Remote Control, etc.. We are also just now implementing Zenworks Linux Management for a few labs of SLED clients (planning to install this onto a SLES11 virtualized Linux server). We have about 1,500 windows workstations in our environment with 400 staff and 4,000 students.

I was thinking of creating one vmware ESX virtual SLES Linux server running ZCM with the internal sybase database for our new ZCM10 environment. Is there any benefit to running ZCM10 on OES2 Linux versus SLES10 Linux? Based on the size of our district, do you think 1 virtual server would be able to handle the load for this size of an environment or should I be looking to create 2 primary virtual servers and share the one sybase database created during the 1st install? Is anyone running ZCM on virtual servers? If so, what results have you seen? Is there an issue with I/O during imaging or other issues running this virtualized instead of on physical hardware?

Any thoughts or ideas would be very helpful as I try and put together a migration strategy for or Zenworks environment.