Migrating iprint from netware6.5sp7 to oes2sp1a

I am at the point of creating the print mgr on oes2.... I already have my netware printer manager in dns, and its in the name of my printers names for instance... ipp://acs_ndpsmgr/ipp/hplj4050

So, in creating the print manager for linux, its asking for DNS name. I am not ready to totally cut off the netware print manager yet, but should I specifiy the same dns name for the linux print manager as I am using for the netware even though I can't resolve two ips to one host at same time??

If I specifiy a different dns name that is associated with my IP address of the new server, does the migration take care of flipping that to what i want it to be -- that is, the one I currently have set up in DNS for my printers so my clients don't get lost when using printers they have installed?

Or is there a better way?

Thank you