We are having issues trying to bundle up some large applications and were interested to know if others have a simliar problem.

As an example, we have a application (Autocad civil 3D 2010) that we wish to do an "Install Directory" action so that the whole install copies to a local directory (in this case c:\ac2010.tmp) and then an action that runs a setup from this directory with various switches. The directory size we are trying to upload is 4.75GB with about 18,000 files and 1,500 directories.

The first problem we have is uploading the directory - using Internet Explorer 7 the upload usually stops after a few thousand files are done (it just stops uploading - no error messages). With Firefox 3 the upload completes but then our server shoots to 100% utilisation and stays there until we delete the bundle (we have left it over the weekend to see if calms down but it never does). If we try to view the properties of the bundle in the Control Center (before we delete it) it takes about 5 minutes before anything shows up in the browser (only for the misbehaving bundle, viewing other bundles is fine). There are no message in the message log of the bundle.

We are using ZCM 10.2 on SLES 10.1 32-bit version.

Anyone having the same sort of issues or know of ZenWorks limitations with upload/bundle sizes?