Hi folks, Ive just started building our ZCM server and have run into a problem downloading system updates. Steps so far

created a new VM with SLES 10 SP2 with OES 2 SP1.
updated registered and updated SLES online.
installed mono v 1.2.4 from the ZCM disc
Installed ZCM 10.1.0
Registered ZCM, patch management and asset management

Next I wanted to update to 10.2, however I seem to be unable to download the system updates. I did successfully download the June 2009 PRU but the others all get to various points (ie 8%, 13%0 then get stuck. They sit there then go to error.

The log throws errors unable to download content (filename) from (URL) retry in 5 mins then eventually it fails and says unable to download content (Blah) from any source

What is weird about it is that I copied the URL from the log file and was able browse to it (on the ZCM server) and manually download files from that URL. So Im confused as to how ZCM is unable to download from it.