I have a problem with bundle association to eDirectory groups. When i remove an eDir user from a eDIr group which is associated to an ZCM bundle, the application still exists in the NAL explorer on the workstation. After a while (10minutes till 1 hour) the application removes from the nal explorer. When i add an eDir user to an eDIr group is works immediately!

When i associate a bundle to an eDir user is works fine! If i associate a bundle with a Bundlegroup and then with an eDir group it also doesn't work.

Things i have done:
- Cache clear, change agent config settings with several values.
- Delete cache, and than a refresh -> no result
- Logout/login - reboot -> no result
- dns resolving agent <->ZCM server = oke
- Test on a clean WXP desktop (no additional software running)
- ZCM version (server/agent) = 10.2
- When i add an eDir user to an eDir group, the change is immediately seen in ZCC.
- No Antivirus on Server/Agent running!
- Test with an DLU user (with administrative rights!)
- RW rights on ZCM local cache

Has anybody an idea!

Thanks in advanced