Master imaging computer multicasts image to others. Ran zisedit -c before starting image to clear ZISD data.Also removed System="ziswin.exe" from registry so that it doesn't run on first boot.

After image completes:
Computer boot up with auto admin logon and runs wsname.exe to rename worksotation, places the ziswin.exe back int registry so it runs on next boot, and removes auto admin settings in registry, and then reboots with ncshtdwn.exe.

Second boot:
Comes up and does it's "Zenworks is finalizing workstation" stuff then reboots once more.

Our policy registers workstations as Name:MacAddress. The Mac Address part is right, but name part is from the master computer. The NetBios name of ZISD shows up correctly with the new name. When I run zwsreg -unreg and zwsreg, it still registers with the master computers name. The only way I can get it to register correctly is to run ziswin.exe and change "workstation object" manually to the right name.

Is there a way to script a change to the ZISD so that it will update to the newer workstation name and not the master image computers or am I stuck going through and doing it manually?