We are trying to enable DLU after we migrate users to ZCM, but it appears once we upgrade the machine to zcm, the computer reboots and the first time users try to login some of the machines do not create the local windows profile on the fly, we're prompted for windows credentials. If we enter our old windows profile credentials and log into the machine then ZENworks loads and then all of the policies are downloaded, then if you reboot again DLU works as it should without prompting for windows credentials. I have tried to apply this DLU policy to devices or users, but both seem to intermittent issues with only the first initial login of the device. We have about 30 workstations using zcm and dlu and have seen this happen on at least half of the machines, which have the same image on them.

I have thought about this and I am not sure how upon the first initial boot after the device is upgraded to zcm understands what policies to apply to the device. It appears that the DLU policy is not implemented at the GINA it happens once the device checks into zcm and then applies the policy upon next boot?

Windows XP sp2
ZfD 6.5 sp2 (currently) upgrading to ZCM 10.2 with DLU enabled