I've been running ZCM 10.2 for about a week now and have been trying to learn the differences between ZCM and Zen 7. I have another post talking about my problems with imaging so far, pretty much I have to use the boot CD for it to work, but now to day when I can get in to the imaging console, but when I try to make an image, the final step when the status bar is supposed to start I get the following error:
Unable to connect to preboot server. Product license may have expired.

When I look at my licenses I have Patch, Configuration, and Asset Management, and inventory for Linux/Unix. Patch and Configuration management both show as being Active licenses, where Asset and Inventory for Linux/Unix show as Evaluation and July 27th being the expiration, so I have no clue where this licensing issue is coming from. We've done 3-4 images successfully in the last week then this started happening.