We've got a 10.1.2a zone (not baselined!) - the servers and some clients are updated to 10.1.2, the rest of the clients are still at 10.1.1. We had a lot of update failures, and put the 10.1.2 update on pause.

So now we'd like to skip up to 10.2. I realize I have to baseline 10.1.2a first, and I'd like to make that as painless as possible, especially for the client computers.

So what's the best way of proceeding? Baseline 10.1.2a, immediately remove the 10.1.2a update, download 10.2 and install it on the server(s), then start to roll it out to workstations What would be the expected client behavior - would 10.1.1 agents wait until a 10.2 update was assigned to them before updating?

We're running Windows Server 2003 R2 (3 primary servers, no reporting) against an MS SQL 2005 database server.