Hi all,

I'm relatively new to installation and configuration of BM. A colleague had
always been in charge, now i have to take charge.
I have the duty of installing BM3.8 on OES NW 6.5 server.
In the same tree there is Zenworks and IDM.
The client has a hardware firewall, hence are not using BM as firewall. Its
going to be used for just web browsing proxy, content-filtering
(surfcontrol would be integrated)& mail proxy. Only the BM server would be
required to make HTTP, HTTPs and SMTP connections out and SMTP connetions in.

My questions are:
1. when installing the OS, wot options do i need to select.
2. when installing BM, wot options do i need to select?
3. what prerequisites do i need to meet before installing BM?
4. do i need 2 ip addresses configured on the server? wot wld there fns be
since i wont be using firewall.
5. wot other configuration would i need to do?

Thanks in advance. would appreciate your answers and support.