Hi all,

We're providing CIFS to all users in our organization. We've done this on NetWare for quite some time now, and we're currently testing what would be needed when switching to OES Linux.

In our NetWare environment we have 344 contexts specified in sys:\etc\cifsctxs.cfg. Maintainance is very easy using Notepad and Ctrl-F. After every change we can copy the file to the other cluster nodes, restart CIFS and that's it.

In the OES Linux environment it's my understanding that I need to enter all contexts on every cluster node.

We would like to have a checkbox for Subtree in the OES2SP1/iManager/File Protocols/CIFS/Contexts so that it searches below the entered context for CIFS usernames. How easy would it be to just enter one context eg. o=Novell and check the box "LDAP Searchmode: subtree".

Does anyone have any idea to easy this issue for us?

Kind regards,

Alex Peeters