In looking around ZCM I've noticed that Win7 is available as an option for running policies against. I was able to get in on the Beta/RC program so started toying around with ZCM and Win7 as my company is planning on jumping from XP to 7.

Anyway I have a RC test machine that I am using and am trying to port over my XP group policy for the Win7 environment. I'm using the ZCM tool which opens the MMC, run through all of the settings to make them the same as the XP policy, and try to upload the policy. I receive the following message:

"Failure importing group policy settings.

One other Win7 "issue" that I've noticed so far is that if I push an app to the desktop, the icon isn't displaying the graphic that I've given it, just a blank page icon. This is actually for a Firefox instance set to open an index file on my shared drive for an intranet if that makes any difference. If I check the properties of the icon, the graphic does display.

I understand that Win7 isn't officially an operating system yet so I can live with the answer "not supported" if that is the case. I'm just wondering if these issues are currently doing what they are supposed to be doing by the current level of support for Win7 or if it is something unique to my test environment. Thanks!