Heyo all (again;)),

while migrating some more complex applications I went into a problem with CMD.EXE: Some simplier scripts I could change just to work as system user but the drawback is not output (another one is I use shares from NW server, it's ok right now to have them in public RF). But even for the simple apps I liked being able to switch from secure to unsecure to check if things are working as expected. So I decided to give DAU a try: Made a simple app as I have in ZDM7 also - open a CMD.EXE, use /K to leave it open. Works fine as User (but it's not of great use;)) , even as System user (I have to kill the process then as I don't have an interface) but nothing happens when DAU is used: In ZCM 10.1.3 I got an error 1, now in 10.2 nothing happens - the applications just seems to stop (I added another executable to launch afterwards but it won't run while the call to CMD.EXE is active).

It seems to happen to CMD.EXE call only, I can even do a "dirty open" from any other app launched under DAU and start cmd.exe from "file open dialogs".

For a test I have written a dirty wrapper now, this one is launched under DAU with the option "Wait". As I don't know how to workaround otherwise .. finally I got something making me able to have an command window and even explorer.exe open with local admin rights.

Known problem? (I found a few posts about script problems or explorer as DAU already) If there's no other solution I'll make my dirty prog into something "looking better".