I just want to make sure I'm reading the docs correctly.

It seems my caveats for running a mixed cluster (for a rolling cluster upgrade):

1) You should not make any disk changes while in a mixed cluster (ie, expanding LUNs).

BUT, if you do, you need to take down all the Linux nodes and restart them (ie, expand disk on NetWare, shut everything down on Linux, start those nodes back up again, and you should then be okay). Although I think the docs state to execute a Cluster Leave, which, theory, should be similar to powering the nodes off and then turning them back on again (although possibly more time consuming)

2) Cannot add new NetWare nodes (no biggie for us)
3) Migrating exiting NSS volumes may take some time for trustees if you migrate from NetWare to OES2 Linux.

However, I'm wondering if this "slowness" is only for the FIRST time you do that? Or every time you migrate the node from NetWare to OES2 Linux?

4) The rest are self-explanatory (Master Replica, if applicable, do last), don't make NSS on Linux and expect to migrate it to NetWare, etc.

The big ones I'm concerned with are #1 and #3