I'm having a heck of a time getting NetWare 6.5 SP8 to recognize a TEAC DV-28S-VD0 DVD-ROM in a brand new Dell PowerEdge 1950 server.

Whether I attempted to install NW65SP6 or NW65SP8, the DVD-ROM would initially work, but then fail during the installation.

When installing NW65SP6, the DVD-ROM would fail after searching for storage devices. The message was, "No CD-ROM device was detected in this system. Load the appropriate driver (HAM)."

When installing NW65SP8, the installation would get a bit further. It would fail after I created the SYS: volume as it was trying to copy files from the optical disk to SYS:. Unfortunately, I didn't copy the error message. But it said something like either the install CD was bad, it was the wrong CD, or something else. I used a different installation CD and had the same problem.

To perform the install, I copied the installation files to the server's local hard drive. I installed NW65SP6 first and then applied the current SP6 patches; I then upgraded the server to NW65SP8 and applied the current SP8 patches. (I didn't install NW65SP8 straight off because we don't want to go to eDirectory 8.8 as of yet.)

I have since found that when I look at "Storage Devices" using "Monitor," the DVD-ROM is listed as an "Unbound Device Object." This appears to be a device driver issue--NetWare sees the device, but can't properly identify it.

If I pull a TSSTCorp DVD-R/W from a NetWare 6.5 SP6 server and put it into this server, NetWare sees it. The TEAC DVD-ROM from this server is not seen by the other server.

The TEAC DVD-ROM passed diagnostics.

I have swapped the TEAC DVD-ROM with another of the same make and model, and it has the same problem.

So, I'm looking for a NetWare driver update or maybe a firmware update for the DVD-ROM.

Or . . . ?