I have an issue during the Groupwise install process that is 100% reproduceable on Citrix Xenserver.

I install SLES10.2 (32 bit) as a VM on Citrix XenServer, followed by OES2 (32-bit). The install of eDirectory goes without a problem, and I can connect to it using Console One (on the local machine).

When I start the Groupwise install, it goes fine up until the point when Groupwise fires up Console One in preparation for "Tools -> Create a new Groupwise System". At that point, Console One locks up completely. I have been through 4 complete installs of the OS and Groupwise and it happens every time.

However, If I use the exact same install media, and perform the installation on a VM running on the SLES 10.2 Xen hypervisor, the Groupwise install goes without incident.

I fully expect Novell to say "It's a Citrix problem", and the Citrix guys to say "It's a Novell problem", but in the meantime, I'd be interested in any insights into this issue that anyone may have.