I'm using a product called GoGlobal. (Thin client solution without Terminal Services) on Windows 2003 servers. I'm using ZENWorks (ZCM 10.2) to publish applications to the NAL screen which is itself published as an application on the GoGlobal system. The problem is that the normal pass-thru authentication for Zenworks is not working for the GoGlobal clients. (Works fine for Console Login) I suspect that GoGlobal is not doing normal GINA processing.

I affect a transparent Novell client authentication by calling loginw32 %username% /NA /CONT. (The password is passed successfully without having to reenter it). The NALWIN.exe is then called and it displays, but the user is required to manually login.

I'm between a rock and a hardplace. When we did the proof of concept we were using ZEN7 and the ZEN authentication worked as expected. (Due to mid teir client).

The problem is now I have to either dump GoGlobal or ZENWorks, or somehow make them work. (Using ZEN 7 would not seem a prudent way to go as the product is being superseded) (If I had to dump one, I suspect it will be ZENWorks) Is there any way a login can be affected from a current authenticated Windows and/or Novell session for the ZENWorks Adaptive Agent? In other words, have a command line utility that when called, will use the currently authenticated session to log the user into ZENWorks. A SSO function that can be called outside the normal login sequence? It seems to me that with the CASA framework is already in place, that this shouldn't be to hard to do. My understanding of how all the bits work together may not be there, but hopefully, you understand my basic request.