I have something (for me) strange
Every sunday, i dont know why sundays, the CPU load of my GW server is 100% and doesnt go down untill i restart the server AND stop the GWmobile server.
I have to reset the entire server to get a normal CPU load, but since today even when i restart the GW server and stop and start the GWM server it keeps a CPU load of 100% and doesn't go away untill i stop the GWM3 server again (and not turn it on again)

When i look at the debug screen i see GW_SOAP_HANDLER_5.......yielded cpu 95,4% somethimes its 4 or whatever number but i keeps hanging on this SOAP **** (sorry getting frustrated)
I've maximized the soap threads, minimized it, and in the middle you name it i've done it but apparently I've not done the right thing yet...

Funny i do NOT get any abends just slow as hell with that 100% cpu load.

I did find out that it has nothing to do with my backup program (novanet 10) but further then this i didn't get....

This doesnt happen btw with GWM2.x, i could go back but thats not how it should work.

Someone any idea?? Because i'm ready to smash something :)