We have another issue about NSM. We configured the event monitor to run on
a SLES (OES 2 SP1) system.
Dealing with 20k users the screen of the event monitor showed us "xxx
events queued" instead of "all delivered" (I hope this is the correct
displayed message - if everything is done). Waiting for finishing the NSM
engine to complete its work - we realized that the message of the event
monitor did not change. It seemed to us that all these events have not
been reported to the NSM engine. The "communication" of all "NSM systems"
was always "up" and working. In reality these events have been
modifications of group memberships. There was no NSM policy for a group
configured. Moving the event monitor to a NetWare system (where NSM runs)
solved this issue.
Any ideas or experiences with such a situation?

best regards

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