Novell Netware 6.5 SP7
iManager 2.7.2
NDPS Broker 3.0.12
NDPS Manager 3.02f
Workstations: Windows XP Pro SP3
Printer: HP Color Laserjet 4650 using Postscript driver (ver 61.71.661.41)

Recently several of our computers started getting the following error, "Function address 0x4f65e8ba caused a protection fault" when they try to change the printer properties from within any application. This only happens when they access the properties from within an application, it doesn't happen when they access the printer properties from within the Printers and Faxes. This only happens on 1 printer, all other printers work ok. I have tried:

- uninstalled/reinstalled both the printer and drivers on the several of the affected pc's
- stopped/restarted the NDPS Broker and Manager on the server
- the printer firmware is up to date
- the printer JetDirect card firmware is up to date
- we are using the most recent version of PS printer driver (we need PS, not PCL).
- we can print directly to the printer via the IP address (bypassing the NDPS broker and manager) and it works ok.
- I did not reinstall the drivers on the server (in the NDPS) because the majority of pc's don't have the problem.
- checked the pc for a virus

Any help would be appreciated...