I hoping someones has seen this and looking for what they did to remedy it.

I was going to do what was going to be a simple adding more drive space by adding a new Logical drive on a HP/Compaq Server. I had two slots and was going to add a Raid mirrored Logical Drive. We had two older drives sitting un-used and so not realizing that the older drives were the ones holding the SYS Volume it was running on before we had backed up and added two bigger drives thus replacing the old SYS with a new SYS.

Well luckily the servers sees and runs on the new bigger SYS but in Novell's Remote Manager console I can see the older drives and SYS saying mounted, but if I dismount this SYS it takes the server Volume SYS down. And if you mount the SYS next to the Larger SYS Drives both SYS volumes show mounted.

Also if you remove the two older drives the server comes up with a NON System Disk error.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it. Hope someone can help!