This just *defeats* me...I have actually blown away and reinstalled a server, and *still*... This latest issue is simply ridiculous:

I d/l'ed and burned a 39sp1 disk, and have run install. However, when it checks for compatibility, there is a *obvious* typo in the code; it is checking for eDirectory version 87.3.9 (and LDAP 87.3.1) or later. *Clearly* what is meant is eDirectory 8.7.3.x; what I have--because I d/l'ed and installed NW65SP8 from the overlay DVD--is eDirectory 8.8.4 (and LDAP 8.8.4).

The install dialogue box displays this clearly: I have eDirectory 8.8.4 and must have or later, and therefore I am good. However, because the version reads as 87.3.9, I "fail" the compatibility check and install will not proceed...

Surely to God there is a fix for this out there somewhere...?