I currently run BM 3.8 SP3 on a NW6 SBS Server, patched to SP5 and the
new EDir Everything runs very nicely.
I tried to upgrade to the new BM 3.8 SP4, but it failed, and I have some

1. The Readme for SP4 says that it is only supported for NW 5.1 or NW
6.5. NW 6.0 is not mentioned, although, as noted above, I run BM 3.8
SP3 on a NW 6.0 SP5 server just fine. Is it safe to install SP4 on a NW
6.0 SP5 server?

2. I tried to run the install, and it stopped copying files with a

"SYS:JAVA/LIB/SCM.JAR cannot be oppened. Error Code 144 (90 hex)"

I checked to see if SCM.JAR is there. It is, but it is marked
read-only. If I try to change the read-only, it says that the file is
in use.

How do I get past this error message to install BM 3.8 SP4?

3. Related to Question #2 above, how do I find out what version of JAVA
I am running on the server? I see where there is a recent JVM 1.3.1 or
JVM 1.4.2 for download, but I don't know if I need it or not.

Chip Reinhardt