Since the problem is keying off of BM's ACLCHECK.NLM I'm going to start
in this forum. However, I suspect this is not a BM problem and would
welcome a suggestion as to which forum might be most appropriate.

Every 24 hours ACLCHECK.NLM does its checking. No rules are found
(because there are no rules). Immediately after this 3 Symantec modules
are loaded (ECOMSRVR.NLM, NAVEX15.NLM, and NAVENG.NLM). None are ever
unloaded and they are not used reenterantly, copies are just
accumulating in memory.

This is BM 3.7 with all the patches, and Symantec's Corporate AntiVirus
Ver. 10. This server is the AntiVirus server. If anyone has an idea
where to start looking for a resolution to this issue, I welcome it.