got the "zone pre update actions' failed when attempting to deploy to clients.
Followed this article: ZCM 10.2 schema upgrade failures and missing elements in the ZCC.
(AKA TID : (7003451) )

On executing the first SQL statement, schema_update.sql
The following error occurs:

ISQL Error

Could not execute Statement
Primary key for row in table 'ISYSIDX' is referenced by foreign key
SQLCODE=-198, ODBC 3 State="23000"
Line 243, column1
You can continue executing or stop
-- zZENObject
if exists (select index_name from sysindex where index_name = 'internalname_idx') then
ALTER INDEX internalname_idx ON zZENObject RENAME AS idx_zZENObject_Name;
end if

Does anyone know of a fix, or should i contact support?