Finally we finished a 20k user project with NSM. At this moment the
customer is satisfied and everything is working as expected. Although we
only implemented one primary policy (homedirectories) and one auxiliary
(webpage directories).
My conclusion:
- more documentation about the product is definitly needed
There were several situations where questions from the customer could
not be answered in that way in which a "product
seller/engineer/specialist" could feel "good" (no way to say "well").
There exists a draft of the administration guide but a better
understanding of the "things working in the background" would help a lot.
In detail I mean,
- more descriptions about all the parts (engine, event monitor, agent)
working together
- explainations about all the codes/messages you can read in screens and
log files to analyze/understand the problem/working.
- perhaps "best practises" for a bunch of situations I am sure every
customer of NSM must deal with

best regards

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