Hi guys, I'm looking for some Inspiration.

We have xp vm's running as satellites on our oes2 servers at our remote sites. In all we have 36 of these little fellas across our WAN all served by the same 2 Primary's. Now my problem is, one of these little satellites has stopped distributing content. Users who have the apps installed already are working fine, but if I try to freshly install something at that site (an App that has been untouched for ages) the user will get the error that the content is still be packaged on the server.

I have tried un-assigning content away from the satellite and then doing a zac cdp cleanup, which says looks like its working. When I assign the content back and refresh you see the usual network traffic showing the app is copying down, but when it finishes and the app finally says its available, I still get the app being bundled error on the users PC.

The Satellite says 100% of the content is copied, but obviously something is wrong.
I have tried removing the Zenworks Adaptive Agent from the satellite (demoting it first) and then re-installing and re-assigning the content, which all looks like it works. but I get the same error.

I noticed the first time I un-installed the Agent it left the content-repro on the satellite, so the second time I deleted the entire Zenworks folder from the PC once it had uninstalled the Agent, but having re-installed it and re-downloaded all the apps, I still get the same error.

The satellites were 10.1.1 (they wouldn't upgrade when everything else went to 10.1.3, but that never seemed to stop anything from working.) Having manually re-installed the client on this one, it is now 10.1.3. All primaries and workstations are also 10.1.3. just to re-cap, this is only happening on 1 of the 36 satellites.

So my question is.... Given that uninstalling the agent didn't remove the content-repro, is there anything else I should be checking hasn't been deleted that might be confusing things?

Thanks in advance