When I register my servers for patches as you would expect there are lots of patches to be applied and I generally apply all.

But i did notice just recently there is an edir 8.8.5 patch which simply appears in the list with no highlighted importance or mentioning this is a big impact patch so would you say applying this is a good idea?

When I dealt with Netware generally speaking I didnt apply any patches unless there was a need if it "aint broke dont fix it".
I would lift the service pack of the servers once the SP had been out 6 months or so and bugs fixed but other than that I left them be.

With Linux its less clear but would you say the same theory applies or should all patches be applied when available? Normally things like edir versions should remain constant across all servers and can have a big impact on the environment?

Just curious on how others are going about the patching of OES servers?