We have to move to ZCM 10.2 from Zen 7 I have a question about the
server operating systems and the volumes, when reading this newsgroup it
is not very clear to me.

We have here in our school a lot of Netware (6.7SP7) servers with eDir
as authentication. The clients are XP. One Netware server is dedicated
to ZEN7, policies, nalapps and images.

With ZCM is not possible anymore to install in on Netware. What I can
find and read is that there are now two options: SLES10.2 and SLES10.2
OES. What is the differents between this?

Whe would like to have the same ZEN7 configutation on the new ZCM box,
policies, nalapps and images.

Do I need to know more specifik things for the above configuration? Is
so, then please let me know.