We just upgraded our BM 3.8 sp3 to BM 3.8 sp4. We our running on a OES
NW 6.5 sp4 server as well.
The problem that we are now running into is, that some of the stateful
filters that were created are no longer functioning properly (in some cases
I just added a filter to allow inbound and outbound traffic), and also
Authentication no longer seems to work either On our windows machines and
Linux machines.
We have some machines that do not run client trust in the login script,
and this has caused an issue with trying to get to the internet. If we load
clntrust it does work, but the login screen used to come up prompting them
to login,the same for our Linux machines.
We did also use the clntrust for Linux, which has for a short term
fixed the problem, but we would like to know why the login for
Authentication is not working as it did before. Has anyone else seen this
issue as well?
As a side note. Is there a way to put the clntrust for Linux in the
login script? Thank you for any help that you can offer,