HELP!!!! This is my situation. I'm in a Novell 5.1 enviorment and upgraded
to Novell 6.x on Border Manager. We have applied SP3 and the post SP3
patch and still the box reboots itself. There are no comments in the abend
logs only in the server log. The server log indicates a reboot by showing
the call to server.exe, local database opened, etc.... But nothing prior
to that showing any type of error or abend. As a sideline to my knowledge
there has been NO type of hardware/firmware/flashing done to the servers
at all. Not even the bios has been patched/updated. I know this sounds
like an accident waiting to happen but this was a small ma&pa shop that
just blew up. The IT staff not aware that the servers needed to have this
done. My question is, would the fact that none of the hardware was
patched/flashed/firmware upgraded explain the problems we are having?