I've installed bm39sp1 overlay and then sp2 on a new nw 6.5sp8 server in it's own container. I also partitioned that OU and made this server master. If I go into imanager on that server and click on any bordermanager function, like access rules or proxy, I get "service unavailable". If I access it through nwadmin it tells me there are no licenses for proxy or access rules, so I deleted the license objects and re-added them from the CD using nwadmin. When I try to use the Tree imanager and access the server it tells me that the migration was not done properly and to run fillattr manually. When I run fillattr I see "SEVERE: error in action code", followed by a lot of lines of "at org.apache.catalina....", but nothing to indicated success or failure.

I'm also seeing "NBMLICENSE MANAGER: BorderManager Proxy license update failed. Code = C0001001" and "NBMLICENSE MANAGER: BorderManager Access Control license update failed. Code = C0001001 on the logger screen.

I'm stuck and can't think of what to try next, except starting over with the BM install. Or maybe trying to install 3.8 and then upgrading to 3.9. I have another BM 3.9 sp1 server in the tree that I can manage with both nwadmin and imanager, so I'm reasonably certain that schema extensions and imanager plugins are installed. Has anyone else seen this or have any ideas what I'm missing? Thanks for the help.