We are currently running GW8 HP1 on a NW65 SP8 server. I would like to apply GW8 HP2 but canít find instructions on how to simply apply HP2 to an existing GW8 system.

I have downloaded/extracted the HP2 software and will run the setup from my local workstation. Once into the install process I assume you select a Standard setup and then Install Individual Components (repeat for each component). Once all three components are installed (updated) you go back and Install More Components to update WebAccess, Monitor, etc.

Is this the correct procedure?

It would really be nice to have some documentation for installing these hot patches. What happened to the good old days were the complete installation instructions were a part of the readme file! The only install instructions I see in the readme are "If updating from GroupWise 8.0 to GroupWise 8.0 Hot Patch 2. Update each component individuallly. Please make backups of your startup files and any configuration files you deem important."

Thanks in advance