Within a workflow that I created, Teaming sends a notification/email with a link to the request, such as:

If I am not already logged in, and I click on the link, I get a login page to the Teaming portal, but when I enter credentials and hit 'sign in', I am redirected to a login page that is, and when I log in I get my home page of course, not the page showing the workflow request. If I happened to already be logged in when I hit the link in the email, I get a simialr redirect but to my homepage...again not a workspace folder showing my request. I am able to navigate to the workspace folder and to the request and view it....it's just this linking and redirecting that is a problem.

This had been working perfectly, where I would click on the link and be taken directly to the request, but seems to have gotten 'broken' and I am not sure what happened to cause this to stop working. Any ideas?