I'm trying to install my first OES2sp1 server on SUSE 10sp2. I completely patched and updated SUSE before installing OES2. It goes through install until it stops and says ndsconfig failed to upgrade and start edirectory. The error when I view details says "Failed to configure SASService -no such attribute -603. I looked up this error and it appears it might have something to do with the Organizational CA. I might have previously deleted the Novell Server that created the Organization CA but I also am having problems finding how to recreate it. The only TID I find says to delete it and recreate it using iManager but I also can't get iManager to come up - it appears that iManager version 1.2.2 stopped working when I upgraded my Novell 6.0.5 servers to edir 8.7.3. So please excuse me if I am posting in the wrong forum to help me with these various things. I started with the problem installing OES2 and have spiraled downhill from there. I feel like I am in a vicious circle:
OES2 won't install because of a CA problem, I can't fix the CA problem because I can't get iManager to run.
Thanks for any help getting me help so I can finish the OES2 install.