I've been seeing some strange problems trying to create Install Directory bundles since 10.2. We usually have a dir structure like this on workstations:



When I want something to be installed, I create the bundle by putting all of the installation stuff in a directory structure like that and when I upload to the bundle I simply add the application Apps directory and install it to C:\ and run the script (C:\Apps\Install\MyApp.bat) to install.

This has been working fine until the 10.2 upgrade. Now, when I try to upload during the Directory Install I cannot set the destination directory to C:\. When I do, it simply saves the Action:Directory Install:Destination Directory as C:\\Install. When I go into the action to change it it gives me an error:

An error occurred while saving the bundle information

And will not allow me to save with the correct directory. Also, our bundles setup like this prior to 10.2, have changed their destination directories to include forward slashes:


That dir was C:\ before the upgrade.

Anyone else having this type of issue?